Almost two months ago, our family moved to the West Indies, solely because “the Lord said so.” My husband and I are blogging our experience and we hope it encourages others to be like our ancestor Caleb, who wholly followed the Lord in the Hebrew exodus from Egypt. Please make sure to read the second blog about our family’s experience as a rolling ministry entitled, Waiting On WiFi.

Follow us as we follow christ

Donnarhae’s point-of-view

I need the internet. I need the internet right now!

Because I am far away from everyone I know.

Because I depend on my apps.

Because I am blogging again.

But I had to wait

And wait

And every single time I thought today was going to be that day, there was a mix up or something extra that needed to be done.

“It will be 7 – 10 days.”

“Either today or tomorrow.”

“Now wait for the confirmation call ensuring activation.”

Our first month on the island, we would sit in a particular spot on the porch, hoping to tap into someone else’s WiFi (don’t judge us, we were desperate). Sometimes it would work, but the bars were low hence, the connection was slow.

We just really needed our own connection.

I thought it was the WiFi we were waiting on, but it was really the Lord.

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